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eReminder 2008 
eReminder Database Manager

eReminder Database Manager is included in eReminder. You can use this application to add and edit database.

Before using this software, please stop any application that will operate on the database, such as eReminder,  eReminder Outlook Integration program.
Back up the selected database file to the specified location. It's a good practice to backup database periodically. Click Backup button, or select File, Backup menu. In the pop-up dialog, specify the source file to backup if available, the destination file, then choose OK to backup.  
Restore database file from your backup copy. The backup copy usually locates in Backup in eReminder folder. The restored database file will replace the current database file. Click Restore Database button , or select File, Restore Database menu. In the pop-up dialog, specify the source file, then choose OK to restore.