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eReminder 2008
Tracker Leader 2005
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Personal Time Manager Professional 1.9
Tracker Leader 2005
Tracker Leader Reminder

Tracker Leader Reminder is a Windows® based software. By creating a reminder, Tracker Leader Reminder can pop up a notification when the time is due. If an assignment is recurring, you can create a recurrence pattern with the action of Edit Recurrence. A recurring assignment with a reminder will generate notification periodically.

When you lock Tracker Leader TopBar, Tracker Leader Reminder will be locked at the same time. After you unlock Tracker Leader TopBar, Tracker Leader Reminder will pop up all notifications missed.

Track: Start to track the selected entry. If you have tracked another activity before, it will firstly stop previous activity, then start to track the new activity.
Dismiss: All Dismiss all entries and exit.
Dismiss Dismiss the selected entry. If there has only one entry, then exit after dismiss.

More>>: Show detailed description of the selected entry.
Snooze: Snooze the selected entry with the specified time. After the specified time passes, the selected entry will re-popup. You can snooze an entry for any times.