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Welcome to Tracker Leader 2005, the industry-standard in time tracking and productivity software from eTimeInc Software.  

Tracker Leader 2005 is a full-featured time tracking suite designed specifically for schedule notification, project management, expense management, work measurement, timesheet entry and reporting. It's especially suited for professionals and companies who need to track time to improve personal and team productivity, to manage projects, to manage expenses and budgets, and to monitor projects as work is being done.

Tracker Leader 2005

As a famous wisdom says: 'TIME IS MONEY'. In today's highly competitive marketing environments, time is your valuable asset, and you need take every advantage to make full use of professional time. 

As a great master says: 'What you cannot measure, you cannot manage.' Tracker Leader 2005 software provides you convince to manage your time: where time is going and where time has gone. With the click of a mouse, time tracking is done automatically, and release you from the guesswork of time keeping and the labor of recording. All work-related or billable time can be tracked and easy to reference in report. With this valuable history data, you can make accurate evaluation of past projects, and better plans for the similar projects in future. Top

Tracker Leader 2005 provides professional version and enterprise version.

The major difference between these two version is that professional version uses Microsoft Access database, while enterprise version uses Microsoft SQL Server database.

Microsoft Access Database is especially suitable to one person or a small team with several members. To use Access Database, you need buy Tracker Leader Professional version.

Microsoft SQL Server Database is especially suitable to a large-scale team or a company. To use SQL Server Database, you need buy Tracker Leader Enterprise version. 

Tracker Leader 2005 includes:

Tracker Leader Pro is a Windows® based software. It can be used for team and individual time and cost reporting, project management. Fundamental information (clients, projects, tasks, users, etc.) is entered into Tracker Leader Pro then used by Tracker Leader timesheet entry software (Tracker Leader Client, Tracker Leader Punchclock) for time tracking. Once time is entered, Tracker Leader Pro can export multiple team and individual time and cost reports in one minute. In a typical multi-user environment, everyone uses one or more Tracker Leader timesheet entry tools (Tracker Leader Client, or Tracker Leader Punchclock) in daily work for assignments adjustment, task notification, timesheet entry and expense entry, to view timesheet, productivity graphs and reports. Managers use Tracker Leader Pro periodically (weekly or monthly) for project planning, monitoring and reporting. 

In addition to Tracker Leader Pro, Tracker Leader 2005 includes several state-of-the-art timesheet entry tools, which provides more flexibility for different business. Users can select from one or more of the following Tracker Leader timesheet entry tools for individual time and expense entry and reporting: Top

Tracker Leader Client is a Windows® based software. Simply double-click the assigned project and task, Tracker Leader Client will auto-track time, provide accurate performance information (in table, graphic and report format) and make it easy to compare between your plans and reality. It offers instant feedback (e.g. line charts, pie charts, stacked bar charts) to help increase productivity and improve performance. What's more, it provides measurement items to easy of collecting your sensitive productivity data. You can track time while work is being done, or enter time entries at the end of the day, week, month, etc. Time and expense entries entered can be viewed in Tracker Leader Pro immediately after input. Top

Tracker Leader TopBar is a Windows® based software, it locates on the top of desktop by default, and provides great convenience to manage Tracker Leader Applications. 

Tracker Leader Reminder is a Windows® based software. By creating a reminder, Tracker Leader Reminder can pop up a notification when the time is due. If an assignment is recurring, you can create a recurrence pattern with the action of Edit Recurrence. A recurring assignment with a reminder will generate notification periodically. Top

Tracker Leader PDA is a Palm® based software. It's designed for mobile persons. It not only provides time and expense entry, but also provides project management inside. 

Tracker Leader Punchclock is a Windows® based software. It's especially suite for workers of product line. Traditional punch clocks usually require complicated deployment, while Tracker Leader Punchclock only requires simple installation. With very little setup, Tracker Leader Punchclock will run on multiple computers and allow for multiple user access at the same time. Each punch clock can track user time under a different project and task. Top

Any Comments

If you have any comments about our products, please do not hesitate to mail us: Comments@etimeinc.com. Your ideas maybe the next features integrated in our products.

Tracker Leader Pro Data Structure

The following images shows the data structure in Tracker Leader Pro. Tracker Leader Report can prepare a time entry or expense entry report based on this level of information (task category, project, project category, team and client).


After user has created time entries and expense entries by timesheet entry tools, their approval statuses will be initialized to Not Submitted.

  1. By using the Submit Entries dialog of Tracker Leader Client, user can submit the entries not submitted to his/her director to approve. When the entries are submitted, their approval status will change to Under View.
  2. In Approve view of Tracker Leader Pro, director can approve or reject entries. If director is satisfied with the submitted entries, he / her can use the action of Approve to approve the submitted entries. The approval status of the entries approved will change to Approved. Receivables view will use approved entries to charge to client.Top
  3. If director finds any entry is incorrect or uncompleted, or a user require to return his submit, he / her can use the action of Reject to reject the submitted entries, and attach the reason why reject in the Approval Comments field. The approval status of the entries rejected will change to Rejected, and these entries will return to the user who submitted them. Top
  4. When user opens Tracker Leader Client, A dialog will popup to show the entries rejected, and Approval Comments field shows the reason why reject. In such condition, user can modify these entries, and enter explanation about these entries, and then resubmit entries to director.

The following chart shows the whole status transfer. Top

Entries Approval Statuses

Use measurement

Tracker Leader 2005 integrates measurement items insides.

With these measurement items, you can collect some data in Tracker Leader Client easily and quickly.

For example, to review a document, you may want to get these measurement items: how many pages have been reviewed, how many bugs have been found, etc. All of these data can be collected in the time entries. With these data, you can get a clear view of your productivity. Top

One task provides three measurement items to measure. If there are more than 3 items to measure, you need consider to choose the most important 3 items from them. 

Note: once a user has used the measure item to track a task, you should prevent altering the measure item name, otherwise the previous created time entries may use the wrong item names, and the report or statistics may not correct. Top