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Reviews & Real Users Say

"I love this program to bits! Pros: I'm not going to go all technical cos that's already been done. Although I don't work anymore, I lead a very busy life and this is perfect for me. You can customise it to exactly the way you want - and get it to remind you about ANYTHING! The Support is excellent too. I had a few teething problems in the beginning, which may or may not have been my fault but Support quickly sorted it out for me. The trial period of 30 days is well worth trying this program out before making a decision."
- www.download.com
"Do you need a helper who would help you every minute, remember all important dates and events and remind you of important meetings and holidays? — You definitely need this new powerful software called eReminder. It's a full-featured multi-resource tray-based calendar application, which will help you plan, manage and schedule all important events in your life. The software allows viewing schedules from several resources at the same time, so you can easily know what's scheduled for you and your colleagues.... eReminder is great software that can easily help you to plan and manage all your life."
- www.3d2f.com "smartreview"
First of all - I love this program!! I was the one who suggested making it easier to integrate other characters. My new secretary is a brunette hottie in tight jeans named Dawn - she makes your program a lot of fun. To get my attention, she knocks on the glass from inside the screen :-]
Great tool. I love it - I recommend it. I hope you can aggressively market it and make a skillion!
- Michael Walls
Easy Tracker
"Thanks for a great product ... I've been looking for a decent time-tracker on and off, for years ... and having used Easy Tracker for a few months, it does everything we need and its so easy to use."
- David Simon, USA
1, clone make easily to enter new entries.
2, time&expense pivot analysis provide weekly/monthly reports in a minute.
3, time tracking with just one doubl-click.
4, rich notification ways.
Easy Tracker is a wonderful software for time tracking and expense management. I love it!
- Ellen Poon, HK
"Thank you for making this affordable and functional, for those of use who are desperate to easily log our time."
- Chuck Lewis, USA
Auto Shutdown PC
Not only are this author's programs excellent, the support is fast and personal. The willingness to consider suggestions for enhancements is also a pleasant surprise.
- Olson
Great product. Love it. Auto shutdown my PC. One has to use it to appreciate it.
- Ram

I've been very happy with the functionality and ease of use of Auto Shutdown PC, so have now registered the software - it will no doubt be one of the 'must have' programs on my computer from now on.

- Tony
DateTime Calculator
It is a pleasure using DateTime Calculator and I wish I had seen it much earlier.
- Emily
Just one click to get two days' detailed report, I like it.
- Bakker